Value Co-creation, Collaborative Consumption and Willingness to Pay within the Tourism Industry: A Meta-Regression Analysis


environmental sustainability
sharing and collaborative consumption
value co-creation
willingness to pay


Value co-creation in tourism industry represents an opportunity both to exchange experiences and strengthen the relationship between producers and consumers. Value co-creation concern also environmental issues. People are willing to pay a premium price to share utilities since they develop sustainable and environmentally friendly strategies and permit to co-create value. Sharing consumption facilitates the collaborative behavior enhancing value co-creation. A meta-regression analysis of stated preferences was conducted to estimate willingness to pay (WTP) for environmental concerns, sharing and collaborative consumption, value co-creation within the tourism industry. The analysis accounted for the differences in the elicitation format, such as contingent valuation as well as choice experiment. The results showed that there is a strong relationship between value co-creation and willingness to pay a premium price for shared consumption. Particularly, car-sharing, value co-creation and CO$_2$ emissions have positive significant effects on WTP